12 Canadian Companies Listed on the Global Cleantech 100 (2019)

Did you know that 12 out of 100 companies on the Global Cleantech 100 are Canadian firms? Amazing, isn’t it!? We would say so!

When it comes to clean technology and innovation, this demonstrates that Canada is a world leader!

canadian companies on the global cleantech top 100 north america listWhat is the Global Cleantech 100?

The Global Cleantech 100 looks at the most innovative companies in the cleantech business across the globe. This year, it marked its decade-long publication anniversary.

The prestigious list is published by the Cleantech Group (CTG), an organization dedicated to assisting companies in making the most informed decisions in the cleantech industry.

Making it onto the Global Cleantech 100 is no small feat, either. Each company named has made incredible progress towards solving some of the sustainable technological challenges of the future.

Here’s the 12 Canadian companies that made it onto the Global Cleantech 100 list 2019:

Global Cleantech 100 North America: Canadian Companies

Vancouver - Axine Water Technologies – helped solve a global problem for chemical, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing-related industries by creating a new standard for treatment of wastewater contaminated by toxic organic pollutants

Vancouver – Enbala – provides advanced technology that helps stabilize power grids by harnessing the power of distributed energy

Vancouver - MineSense Technologies – helped to decreased amount of energy, water and chemicals required to extract and recover ore

Vancouver – Terramera – uses a new technology that replaces chemical pesticide with plant-based pest control products which are less harmful to humans

Vancouver – Semios – developed new technology for the agriculture industry that involves biological pest control, precision agriculture and data managament

Richmond – Cooledge Lighting – provides custom LED solutions for industry, reducing the electricity needed to power lighting for various buildings and other projects

Burnaby – Inventys – Commercializes an energy efficient, low-cost technology that aids in carbon capture from cement plants, gas turbines and natural gas boilers to name a few examples.

Toronto – ecobee – helps people create less of an environmental footprint through new and innovative products like the smart Wi-Fi thermostat

Toronto - Opus One Solutions – Developed GridOS®, an intelligent analytical data platform for smart grids that delivers a management system to generate, distribute, store and consume energy in a distributed grid

Ottawa – GaN Systems – manufactures a variety of extremely efficient transistors that address the needs of industries including automotive systems, data centre servers, renewable energy systems, industrial motors and consumer electrics.

Dartmouth – Metamaterials Technologies – Develops photonics and smart materials as solutions for optics in several industries, including energy, education, cleantech, defence, healthcare and aerospace

Halifax - CarbonCure – helps the concrete industry reduce carbon dioxide emissions by retrofitting plants with an apparatus, which makes concrete products greener and more affordable

Quotes from Top Brass

MaRS Cleantech, Managing Director, Jonathan Dogterom

“Canadian companies are making incredible progress around the world, and they’re positioning us as a leading supplier of game-changing products and solutions for our most pressing problems. We’re at an inflection point for cleantech investment in Canada, and our technologies are being adopted around the world to reduce our environmental footprint."

MaRS Cleantech, CEO, Yung Wu

“Consumer pressure will see corporates take more aggressive steps to rein in their carbon emissions over the next 12 months. Clean technologies will continue to increase – and Canada is in an excellent position to supply them. Canada already punches well above its weight in clean technologies.”

Metamaterial Technologies, Founder & CEO, George Palikaras

“Canada has been gaining worldwide recognition for innovation at both the corporate and academic level. Introducing sustainability policies and attracting new private and public capital all make Canada an ideal place to create global impact.”

Cleantech Group, CEO, Richard Youngman

"Canada maintained its strong recent showing in the 2019 Global Cleantech 100. Indeed it is the country whose representation on the list has increased the most over time – from one in the inaugural edition of 2009 to 12 today."

See the Global Cleantech Top 100 NA List here.

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