Support Canadian Beef Producers!

Support Canadian Beef Producers!

Canadian restaurant chain Earls has announced that it will use only Certified Humane ® beef products. Sounds great, right? Wrong. All of chain's 58 locations in Canada will now serve beef produced in Kansas. 

A statement released by the company indicates that “after months of trying, we were unable to source a federally inspected, Certified Humane ® producer that could consistently meet our large supply needs… in this case, Certified Humane ® was more important to us than origin, so we chose a US supplier for our beef.”

Certified Humane ® is a proprietary Virginia-based designation paid for by beef producers who demonstrate sustainable practices in their feed lots as well as limiting animal exposure to stress, pain and certain medications. Canadian producers have comparable standards, but it seems that the Edmonton-founded, Vancouver-based Earls has been unwilling to work with Canadian producers to verify these.

“I don’t think that we’re second to anyone in the world as far as the level of care that our producers take in both raising their animals and ensuring a healthy and high quality product,” notes Canadian Cattlemen’s Association General Manager Rob McNabb.

Earls uses more than two million pounds of beef each year. This is a huge loss for Canadian producers. Remember the furor over Canadian ketchup? Maybe Canadians need to demand better from our retailers and restaurateurs and vote with our dollars.

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