Be Canadian First

Be Canadian First

All Canadians should support our nation’s resource prosperity. So much of our high quality of life is funded by our valuable natural resources. All Canadians, from coast to coast, benefit from new energy and infrastructure projects. Who would oppose jobs and investment in Canada?

Energy East is not a political issue. Some have been sold a bill of goods by paid activists, but Canada has the most stringent safety and environmental regulations of any top ten oil reserve country. In fact, our standards are superior to many of the countries from which we import oil, yet paid protestors remain silent on foreign pipelines and foreign oil tankers. It doesn't add up.

Exhaustive environmental studies and community consultations have been ongoing for years and the project stands to inject $55 billion into the national economy and reduce foreign oil imports into Canada.

It's time to cut through the political rhetoric and make our voices heard. It’s time for Energy East.

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