Canada Action's Best Blogs (2022)

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Canada Action has had one of the most successful years yet, reaching more people across the country than ever before with balanced, fact-based, non-partisan and honest discussions on our world-class natural resources sector.

To celebrate this success, we’d like to share some of the most popular blogs contributing to our growing online reach from coast-to-coast throughout 2022!

So, here are Canada Action’s top 12 blogs of 2022 in no particular order. Please share any articles with your family and friends – and help spread the word about Canadian natural resources. We thank you in advance!

B.C. Regulator's Focus on Cedar LNG Global Emission Reductions a Model for the Rest of Canada

Cedar LNG BCEAO says will decrease global greenhouse gas emissions

According to the BCEAO, substituting Cedar LNG’s clean natural gas for coal-fired power in countries like China would result in substantial emission reductions of up to 40%.

Kudos to B.C. for recognizing climate change as the global problem it is. The province’s decision to consider Cedar LNG as a solution to this global challenge should be a model for Canadian governments from coast to coast.

Nuclear Power in Canada: 25 Facts

Bruce Nuclear Generation Station - Nuclear Power in Canada Facts - Copy

Nuclear power is a critical part of our country’s energy mix. Not many are that familiar with Canada’s nuclear energy industry, which accounted for about 4 per cent of global nuclear power production in 2019 (sixth globally) in a country that has roughly half a per cent of the world’s population.

U.S. Could Still Build Keystone XL, Decreasing Long-Term Need for Unfriendly Oil Suppliers

The U.S. Could Have Built Keystone XL, Instead Chooses Less Reliable Suppliers KXL cover - Copy

Several suggestions from the U.S. over the past several months that it may scale down sanctions on Venezuela to increase oil supplies should make us all think of the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline. The now-defunct project could have been a stable and reliable source of oil for U.S. refineries for decades.

Canadian Forestry Infographic: Facts, Figures & More!

Canadian Forestry Infographic Facts Figures Statistics - Copy

Forestry products are all around us. Whether it be in the walls of your home, the chair you’re sitting in, or even your pencil, the sheer amount of manufactured goods we use that are made from wood can easily be taken for granted.

Sebastien Vettel's Anti-Oil Sands Stunt Doesn't Help Energy Security or the Environment

Sebastian Vettel Anti-Oil Sands Stunt Doesn't Help Energy Security or the Environment - Copy

Just a few days before, the Aston Martin driver arrived at the Montreal event wearing a shirt that read “STOP MINING TAR SANDS” and “CANADA’S CLIMATE CRIME” in protest of the Canadian oil and gas sector.

It’s abundantly clear that Vettel doesn’t know much about Canada’s oil sands sector from his interview before the Grand Prix event.

Canada Ranks High Among Oil & Gas Exporters on Green Future Index 2022

Green Future Index 2022 Rankings - Top 15 Oil Exporters - Copy

Canada has once again topped the Green Future Index (GFI), placing 15th among 76 global economies ranked on their progress and commitment to building a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

Top 3 Trans Mountain Myths Debunked

Trans Mountain Pipeline Environmental Facts - Copy

The Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) is a pipeline underway in Western Canada which will transport petroleum liquids west to domestic refineries and for export abroad. Like all other Canadian pipelines, TMX has met stiff opposition from activists who have spoken several mistruths about the expansion project.

Carbon Capture in Canada's Energy Sector is a Model for the World

canadian oil and gas carbon capture model for world cover photo v2 - Copy

Did you know that Canada is a global leader in the deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) -- so much in fact, that our sector is an ideal model for the world?!

Farming in Canada: The Facts (35 Infographics)

farming in Canada 35 facts and infographics - Copy

Farming in Canada is serious business! Like other natural resource sectors, the farming sector contributes massively to the livelihoods of Canadians in several direct and indirect ways.

The Wall Street Journal Should Correct Itself on Canada's Oilsands

The Wall Street Journal Should Correct Itself on Canada's Oilsands - Copy

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the largest newspapers in the world with one of the largest followings, therefore you are inclined to believe that it does everything it can to disseminate balanced and fact-based journalism to its readers.

However, a recent post by the organization titled “One of the World’s Dirtiest Oil Patches Is Pumping More Than Ever” discussing Canada’s oilsands is anything but fair or balanced.

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