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Canada Action had yet another incredibly successful year in 2022, reaching increasingly more Canadians across the country year-over-year with our balanced, fact-based and non-partisan discussions on our world-class natural resources. To celebrate that success, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most successful Facebook posts for you to review. With these nine posts alone, we reached more than 4.5 million users!

For those who aren’t exactly sure about what we do just yet, this is a great peek into the pro-resource advocacy we are committed to and what kind of content you can expect to see by joining us on social media! Also see:

Top Facebook Posts 2022

1) Elon Musk - 1.3M reach

2) Let’s have an informed conversation - 751k reach

3) Life without oil and gas - 397k reach

4) Wood bison - 394k reach

5) Life without petroleum products - 385k reach

6) Ukrainian invasion - 363k reach

7) - Canadian natural gas - 341k reach

8) - Canadian fertilizer pledge - 332k reach

9) - Reclamation meme - 254k reach

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