Boycott Them

Boycott Them

No matter your view on policy, regulation, or the environment, every single Canadian benefits from our resources. Canada has the most regulated, monitored, transparent and socially responsible resource industry in the entire world as top oil producing country. Two million Canadians support their families by working either directly or indirectly within the energy sector.

We should be proud of our resources, and we should be proud of our hard-working people.

However, these companies, public figures and brands have chosen to follow a false, fear driven agenda that outrightly impacts every Canadian's wellbeing, Canada's national prosperity and the global environment in a negative way. By openly protesting Canada, these groups are simply just supporting the purchase of foreign oil from corrupt regimes like Saudi Arabia and as a result, only hindering Canada's bright future.


Join us, and take action for Canada by boycotting the following list...


Brands & Locations

1. Lush Cosmetics

2. Ben & Jerry's

3. Mountain Equipment Coop

4. Whistler Resort


Public Figures

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

2. Arkells

3. Arcade Fire

4. July Talk

5. Ellen Page

6. Susan Sarandon

7. David Suzuki

8. Jane Fonda

9. Mark Ruffalo

10. Mia Farrow

11. Neil Young




2. ING

3. BNP Paribas

4. Aegon Insurance

5. World Bank

6. Royal Bank of Scotland



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