Boycott Lush

Boycott Lush

Let Lush Cosmetics know we don’t support companies that don’t support us! If you work to undermine our nation’s economy and our families’ livelihoods, then we simply won’t do business with you.

Since 2010 Lush Cosmetics North America has been actively working against the Alberta Oil Sands sector – and the families across the nation who earn their livelihoods from this crucial resource.

The Lush web site, titled “Stop the Pipelines – No More Tar Sands,” outlines the fact the chain of stores has teamed up with the US-supported Dogwood Initiative and – both blindly committed to ensuring Canadian fair-trade oil and gas remains landlocked and prevented from ever reaching the global market. They’re actively working against us.

In light of this company’s overt, aggressive and unfair attacks on our collective livelihoods, Canadians - who are committed to the environmental improvements that have been occurring in our energy sector for decades – must end their patronage of this retailer.




Founded and run since 1996 by Mark Wolverton, a former employee of the historic – and oil-and-gas heavy -- Western-Canadian family securities brokerage house, Wolverton Securities Ltd., today Lush North America has about 250 stores across the US and Canada. 

“Canada’s tar sands is the largest industrial project in the world and it’s only getting frighteningly bigger,” claims the Lush website. “Many foreign oil companies are aggressively extracting bitumen (a black, tar-like substance) from the sands which is then turned into crude oil. In the process, it’s creating serious social, economic and environmental problems for North America.” The fact is, it’s a model of best practices and continual improvement.

Does Wolverton bother to inform his web visitors that experts for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard have found there are 13 oil fields in California, plus crude oil blends originating in at least six other countries, that generate MORE upstream greenhouse gas emissions than those of our Canadian oil sands blends.

Does he mention there are 43 aboriginal communities – including a majority along the route -- who’ve signed Mutual Benefit Agreements (MBA) with the Trans Mountain expansion project, valued at more than $400 million? Does Lush CEO Mark Wolverton really hope these First Nations, many fighting poverty on their lands, will never get the support they need?


Our Prime Minister has said the lack of pipeline capacity has contributed to a Canadian crisis. And Lush Cosmetics has been an eager participant in the fear-driven disinformation campaign on behalf of non-Canadian foundations to block our exports. It’s time to act.

Vote with your dollars, and tell Mark Wolverton your patronage of Lush Cosmetics ends TODAY.

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