Canada Action Founder: False Narratives Hurt the Environment and Our People

Cody Battershill, Founder and CEO of Canada Action, discusses how false narratives are hurting both Canadians and the environment on EnergyNow Media.

Main Highlights:

" ...while so many activists claim to care about Indigenous rights, reduction of CO2 emissions or landscape reclamation, industry supporters involved in the research, development and implementation of technology and innovation seem to care a lot more."

" ...that the Canadian oil and gas sector spends more than any other industry in the country on environmental protection, or that the energy industry collaborates widely to promote environmental stewardship... "

" ...environmental groups push for a prohibition on oil sands activities and fight against pipelines that would allow our country to compete in the world, and instead force Canadians to use 700,000 barrels per day of imported product from countries with often an inferior record of environmental and human rights protections."

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Cody Battershill: Activist False Narratives Hurt the Canadian Environment and our People