Canada Action on Twitter: Retweets (February 2019)

Twitter is an excellent platform to broadcast whatever message you choose. In our case, we use our Twitter accounts @OilSandsAction and @CanadaAction to spread a balanced and informed conversation about Canada's natural resource sectors, bad government policy and other factors that play an instrumental role in our nation's overall economic well-being.

If you don't happen to have a Twitter account and don't want one, that's okay. We post all of our retweets on these blogs for you to check out at any time. We also have a lot more tweets that we don't post because, well, we tweet a lot. If you do want to see more of our regular tweets though, be sure to check us out on Twitter (link above).

If you do have Twitter, however, we recommend you follow these accounts (if you haven't already). They will also keep you up-to-date on developing stories related to the message that our group is bringing the discussion on Canadian pipelines, Canadian energy and Canadian prosperity.

Here's all of Canada Action's Twitter retweets for the month of February 2019: