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Take a step back for a moment, and just think about how many daily products you use that are made with minerals or metals. Whether it be your smartphone, desktop or vehicle, mined materials underpin your contemporary lifestyle to the fullest.

In other words, the mining industry plays a role in almost everything we do. And in the coming years, miners around the world will need to substantially ramp up the production of critical minerals and metals required in energy transition to come.

Fortunately for Canadians, our country is home to a vast wealth of several minerals and metals. For example, we rank among the top five producing nations in the global production of 14 minerals and metals – down from 17 a year prior.

But wait, there are more facts and statistics where that came from! Check out our latest infographic on Canada's world-class mining industry below and make sure to download and share it with whoever you’d like!

Canada’s Mining Sector is World-Class

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Facts on Canadian Mining

• 692,000 jobs across Canada

• $107 billion contribution to the economy

• 21% of Canada’s total domestic exports

• $4.7 billion in taxes paid to Canadian & Indigenous governments

Indigenous Communities & Mining in Canada

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• 16,500 - Proportionally, the mining industry is the largest private-sector employer of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, providing over 16,500 jobs.

• 500 - Signed agreements between mining and exploration companies and Indigenous communities or governments

• 2,500 – Some 209 producing mines and more than 2,500 exploration properties are located within 200 kilometres of Indigenous communities across Canada.

Canadian Mining is Environmentally Responsible

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Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining ® (TSM) initiative is a globally recognized sustainability standard that is helping build capacity within the global mining industry.

While participation in TSM at home is required, Canadian mining companies are voluntarily applying its standards in overseas operations

Sustainability standards outlined by the TSM are being adopted by other global nations, including:

  • Argentina
  • Botswana
  • Finland
  • Spain
  • Philippines

Global Demand for Minerals & Metals

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The “energy transition” from a fossil-fuel-based system to materials-based system will take an enormous amount of minerals and metals.

500% - increase in the production of several essential mining products required to make the transition to a lower-carbon future even remotely possible.

Several critical minerals will see huge demand growth:

• Lithium – up 42x

• Graphic – up 25x

• Cobalt – up 21x

• Nickel – up 19x

• Rare Earths – up 7x

Where will that extra supply come from?

The World Needs More Canadian Mining

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Canada is home to an abundance of critical minerals and metals used in technological applications worldwide.

Support Canada’s world-class mining sector and the hard-working men and women who make the industry what it is!

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