15 Things You Didn't Know About Canadian Pipelines

Pipelines have been a hot topic of debate in recent years in Canada. While most of us have a good idea as to what they do, there’s many things you probably didn’t know about pipelines in Canada.

Check out these 15 interesting facts on Canadian pipelines (sourced from CEPA), some of which you may have had no idea about!

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#1 – They could circle the equator many times over

There’s enough liquid and natural gas pipelines in Canada to go around the world’s equator 20 times. Earth’s equator is approximately 40,075 kilometres in length.

#2 – Gathering pipelines move crude oil and natural gas from wellheads to oil batteries & facilities

In Canada’s main oil and natural gas producing provinces of the west – mainly in Alberta – there’s more than 250,000 kilometres of gathering pipelines in the ground.

#3 – Feeder pipelines move crude oil and other products like natural gas liquids to transmission pipelines

Once again, Canada’s petroleum producing provinces in the west (a majority in Alberta), there’s over 25,000 kilometres of feeder pipelines.

#4 – There’s way more pipeline in the ground than highway

Canada’s national highway system isn’t nearly as large as its transmission pipeline network. There’s about 3 times the amount of pipeline in the ground in comparison – about 115,000 kilometres of total transmission pipelines!

#5 – There’s even more distribution pipelines than gathering, feeder and transmission pipelines combined

Distribution pipelines are owned and operated by local companies and provincial cooperatives. These deliver natural gas to buildings of all types. In total, there’s about 450,000 kilometres of distribution pipelines in Canada.

#6 – Natural gas moves at 40 kilometres per hour

Natural gas can move through transmission pipelines at a speedy rate – at up to 40 kilometres per hour.

#7 – Crude oil moves at 5 kilometres per hour

On the other hand, crude oil moves much slower – at about 5 kilometres per hour – the same speed you would be going while casually walking down the street.I love Canadian oil and gas canadaaction.ca

#8 – Enough oil to fill many, many swimming pools

There’s enough crude oil moving through Canada’s pipeline network to fill 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools on a daily basis.

#9 – A majority of Canada’s energy demand is met by petroleum

Over two thirds of the energy demand in Canada is met by products made from crude oil or natural gas. A majority of that supply is transported via its pipeline network.

#10 – Practice runs = safety

In 2014 alone, members of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) held 335 emergency response exercises.

#11 – Partners across the country

With over 2,500 local supply partners across Canada, the Canadian pipeline industry is a key part of the economy and supports many businesses in many small towns and cities.

#12 – Extensive rules and regulations

Canada’s pipeline industry operates at the highest level of standards across the world. The Canadian pipeline standards document is more than 500 pages in length and describes in detail the technical and operational requirements by law.

#13 – Canada’s first pipeline was built in the 19th century

The very first natural gas pipeline to be constructed in Canada was in 1853. It was a cast-iron pipe which spanned 25 kilometres and moved natural to Trois Rivieres in Quebec.

#14 – Canada’s first oil pipeline was also built in the 19th century

Not many years later, Canada’s first oil pipeline – and one of the first to be built in the world – was constructed to transport oil from the Petrolia oilfield in Petrolia, Ontario to Sarnia, Ontario.

#15 – Cows produce more GHG than pipelines

Believe it or not, cows and other animals are responsible for emitting 3 times the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) than the pipeline industry is!

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