Support Canadian Jobs and Investment in Canada

Support Canadian Jobs and Investment in Canada

Who would oppose jobs and investment in Canada? Ours is the most regulated, transparent, monitored, socially responsible, and democratic top 10 oil reserve. Yet Eastern Canada imports nearly two thirds of its oil from foreign suppliers — 542,000 barrels a day of crude oil in 2014.  At Canada Action, we want to keep jobs and prosperity in our country, instead of sending it overseas. Pledge to tell the federal government to apply Canada’s rigorous standards to foreign oil imports! Here are a few facts:
1. For almost a decade, Canada has been the only top ten oil reserve country with carbon regulations on oil production.
2. Canada is the leader among top ten oil reserves for wind power capacity —7th  globally — and renewable energy generation. Canada is also the world leader overall in per capita renewable generation! 
3. Special interest groups and paid protestors claim to care about social progress and the environment. Why, then, do they support more oil imports from countries with inferior standards in both areas?
4. Global oil demand has never been higher, and every barrel that doesn't come from Canada will be replaced by a barrel from elsewhere.
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