Check Us Out in the National Post

When environmental activists claim they speak for everyone, and that they represent all sides of every issue, they’re just wrong.

In a way, that goes without saying. Environmental activists tend to oppose resource development as a rule, and then build negative arguments to justify their short-sighted position. They don’t speak for the hundreds of thousands of resource-dependent workers - Indigenous and non-Indigenous - whose jobs rely on the resource sector. And they certainly don’t speak for the millions of Canadians who benefit from its economic value.

At Canada Action, a growing group of volunteers who support resource development and Canadian leadership in environment and safety, we think more people need to speak out —  loudly and frequently. Fair-trade energy from Canada is the best choice toward peace, progress and prosperity for all Canadians.

That’s why we wrote an editorial that appeared in Thursday’s edition of the National Post. And that’s why I’m sharing it with you today.

We think it’s only right that Canadians get a clear picture of the importance of resource development, of the tough safety and environmental standards that govern this important economic activity, and of the broad support Canadians feel toward the sector - in spite of what you might have heard from some groups.

If you haven’t yet had the chance, I urge you to read the editorial. Here is the link: