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Canada carbon pricing on oil and gas versus other global producers ESG Climate Action Canada
Canada ESG Environment Climate Facts Nov 2020 02
Canada ESG Environment Climate Facts Nov 2020 06
Canada gas flaring volumes have dropped dramatically between 2015 2019
Canada Global Leader Gas Flaring Report 2020
Canada is a leader on methane reductions
Canada is home to one of the only net negative oil and gas producers
Canada oilsands emissions intensity reductions vs other global majors ESG Climate Action Canada
Canada plants hundreds of millions of trees each year (2016)
Canada renewables third
Canadas canola industry has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 71 between 1981 and 2011
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Canada was responsible for just 067  of 150 billion cubic metres of flared gas in 2019
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Canadian oil production standards are world class and would drop global emissions   report
CCUS CIBC Report April 2022
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Oilsands Emission Intensities 20 percent Drop
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