20 Quotes Showing the Importance of Energy Security for Canadians and the World

20 Quotes Showing the Importance of Energy Security for Canadians and the World

20 Quotes Showing the Importance of Energy Security for a Better World cover

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With COP28 approaching at the end of November, it will be interesting to see how nations juggle between prioritizing major concerns such as affordability and energy security.

The world’s top energy organizations, experts, and jurisdictions will be in attendance, as will many special interest groups. In fact, this year’s event is expected to have over 70,000 attendees - the largest on record.

What exactly will this diverse group say about the problems we face today, and will any major solutions be brought to the table?

It's hard to say. But, in the meantime, here are several quotes from prominent leaders - in Canada and abroad - that should shed some light on the importance of energy security in 2023 and onward. Also see:

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“Our European friends and allies need Canada and others to step up. They’re telling us they need our help in getting off Russian oil and gas in the short term, while speeding up the energy transition across the continent. Canada is uniquely positioned to help with both. We will continue working with our international partners to support international energy markets and accelerate the energy transition.”

Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources [1]


“Amid the turmoil of the global energy crisis, Canada continues to be a bright spot in advancing the... energy transition while supporting international energy security and paying close attention to the social and economic implications of change.”

Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency [2]


“In a world of increasing interdependence, energy security will depend much on how countries manage their relations with one another. That is why energy security will be one of the main challenges of foreign policy in the years ahead. Oil and gas have always been political commodities.”

Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman, S&P Global [3]


“In a world where geopolitics and the geo-economy evolve quickly, it’s necessary for like-minded countries, such as Japan and Canada, to co-operate on energy security.”

Kawamura Yasuhisa, Former Japanese Ambassador to Canada [4]


“Debating the ethics of Alberta oil… seems absurd. The stability and prosperity of the liberal world order depends to no small extent on Canada being a significant exporter of oil. It would be unethical to stop producing it.”

Heather Exner-Pirot, Director of Energy, Natural Resources & Environment. Macdonald Laurier Institute [20]


“We could provide greater support to Western security and at the same time boost the economy and reduce our deficit if we supplied more oil, gas and... energy to our allies. We are already the largest energy exporter to the United States.

But less than five per cent of our energy exports go to countries other than the U.S. If we finished the Trans Mountain pipeline and built LNG export plants on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, we could provide more energy to Europe and Asia, not just the United States.”

Jack M. Mintz - President’s Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary [10]


“There’s an energy crisis on one hand... British Columbia’s LNG projects can be an answer to solve both these problems in the future…

If we want to be part of the global solution, we in British Columbia have a duty to get our act together and make that global supply readily available…

Eighteen LNG projects were proposed; we’re left with one. The ones that hung around were fully endorsed by First Nations – Woodfibre (Squamish Nation), Cedar LNG (Haisla Nation), KSI LNG (Nisga’a Nation).”

Ellis Ross, MLA, Skeena, British Columbia [5]


“...the stark demand of the... activists remains oblivious to other basic considerations. Already economically vulnerable, most First Nations are heavily exposed to the consequences of adding energy poverty to domestic poverty.

Unaffordable energy costs would compound cost of living increases in the rural, remote and northern locations where most First Nations communities are located and where travel distances are greater, public transit is non-existent, home heating requirements are greater and supply chains are longer…

If left to... activists, Indigenous people would be the last to benefit, the last to participate, and the last to be connected to new infrastructure.”

Chief Crystal Smith, Elected Chief Councillor, Haisla Nation [6]


"We believe your security is our security, and we believe also that we can provide you support in terms of energy and critical minerals which is so important to the Japanese people."

Melanie Joly, Foreign Minister of Canada [7]


“It’s really apparent in my meetings in Japan and South Korea, that the governments there feel a huge level of urgency around energy security and it’s energy in all forms - LNG, hydrogen. They are very anxious about ensuring that they have uninterrupted supplies of energy as well as critical minerals for meeting their manufacturing operations in these countries.”

David Eby, Premier of British Columbia [17]


“Canadians and our governments need to remember that our contribution really matters to the world when it comes to energy. This is true more than ever now, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the destabilization of supply chains and the need for countries around the world to find sources of energy from trustworthy allies that abide by the rule of law.”

Christy Clark, Former Premier of British Columbia [18]


“Now is the time to change that channel. Because now is the time the world needs Canada's energy. Canada's energy sector, with current production of 4.7 million barrels per day of oil and 15.7 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas, is poised to play an important role in meeting the world's energy needs.”

Deborah Yedlin - President & CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce [8]


“As we make the transition to renewables, we will still need oil and gas – it makes sense to use our own supplies such as Rosebank. This is the right long-term decision for the UK's energy security.”

Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom [11]


“Now more than ever, it’s vital that we bolster our energy security and capitalise on that independence to deliver more affordable... energy to British homes and businesses.”

Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom [14]


“Until 2050 and past, there’ll be an important international want for Canadian energy. Let’s make the alternatives at present to make sure that North American energy security is achieved, and that Canada can be the main producer it’s destined to be.”

Darryl White - Chief Executive Officer, BMO Financial Group [9]


“We hope that Canada, being a superpower in the area of resources, will be able to send gas to Poland, and to the region, in order to support the diversification of energy sources.”

Witold Dzielski, Poland Ambassador to Canada [13]


“The world needs Canadian LNG... for long-term energy security… rather than saying sorry to our allies, industry, and government should accelerate plans for LNG exports - and turn that “sorry” into a “you’re welcome.”

Mike Fernandez, SVP & Chief Communications Officer, Enbridge [16]


“It is difficult to replace today’s energy system, in part because of the utility of today’s energy system. Oil and gas is widely available, easily transportable.

It will be a transition. There seems to be . . . wishful thinking that we’re going to flip the switch, and we’ll go from where we’re at today to where we will be tomorrow.”

Darren Woods, Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobil [12]


“Countries and industries around the world are grappling with the energy trilemma of needing to achieve energy security, [and] prevent energy poverty... They can be assured that Indigenous-supported LNG from Canada offers clear solutions.”

Karen Ogen, Chief Executive Officer, First Nations LNG Alliance [19]
Crystal Smith, Chief Councillor, Haisla Nation [19]
Eva Clayton, President, Nisga’a Lisims Government [19]


“We firmly believe that energy security, energy access, market stability, and energy affordability need to be advanced simultaneously while advancing energy transitions, in the pursuit of economic growth and prosperity, and ensuring access to modern energy for all, leaving no one behind.”

G20 Energy Transitions Ministers Meeting, Chair Summary #2, Goa, India, July 2023 [15]


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