Support the Energy East Pipeline

The Energy East Pipeline is a Made-in-Canada solution that will move oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Eastern Canada and allow all Canadians to benefit from Canadian oil and get full value for their resources.

The project is shovel ready – it’s set to create 10,000 well-paying jobs for Canadians.

It’s estimated that Energy East will generate ten billion dollars in tax revenue and royalties, raising the standard of living for all Canadians by paying for better healthcare, education, or tax cuts for Canadian families.

However, American funded professional protesters and activists are already using bullying tactics to try to stop the Energy East pipeline.

These American funded activists are loud, but in reality they are few in number. They are a paper tiger. Their power lies in their ability to grab sensationalist headlines. 

Canadians are fighting back. And standing together, Canadians can have their voices heard.

We have common sense, and the facts on our side. But we need to make sure our voices are heard.

Stand up for Canada by signing the petition to support the Energy East pipeline.

Will you sign?