First Nations Support Northern Gateway

First Nations Equity Partners Support Northern Gateway!

Given the negative media attention surrounding the Northern Gateway pipeline, some may be surprised to learn that some First Nations groups are supportive of the project and the benefits it can bring to their communities.

To date, 28 First Nations groups have signed agreements to partner with Enbridge on the Northern Gateway project, sharing 10% of the project designated for Aboriginal ownership. Up to three more deals are currently underway between Enbridge and coastal First Nations groups, and could be signed in the coming months.

Aboriginal support for Northern Gateway continues to grow, according to Bruce Dumont, president of the Metis Nation of BC. “I can tell you there is support [for the project] and there is more to come”.

This project has the ability to provide significant economic benefits and employment opportunities for First Nations and surrounding communities.  The partners’ collective stake in the project could land First Nations $800-million in equity, something Dumont says will be a big step forward for aboriginal groups trying to be more economically self-reliant.

The Aboriginal Equity Partners are planning to open an office soon in Terrace, B.C. to better explain their purpose and highlight the merits of the Northern Gateway project.

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