Bring Google Fib(re) to Canada!

It’s almost a human rights violation what they’re charging for internet access in Canada,”

- Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos

Canadians pay outrageous rates for internet access.

As the internet evolves and powers more services and devices, the costs and caps are only going to get worse unless something changes. 

Netflix, which is used by 25% of anglophone Canadians, has changed it's businesses practices in Canada, making non-HD streams the default option for Canadians because of the caps.

Ever since Google Fiber launched in Kansas City, it has sent a shock through the United States. 

The big players in the internet space have taken notice, and have begun playing catch up.

As Google Fiber roles out to more cities, like Austin, Texas, it will be impossible to stop the demand for better, less expensive internet.

So Google, will you help us out? Will you change the game here, too? 

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