Keystone XL: it’s on again!

Keystone XL: it’s on again!

It’s a project that’s very positive for Canada: Keystone XL will bring Canadian oil to our largest trading partner and replace oil coming from countries that don’t share our human rights and environmental values.
And the new administration in the United States recognizes that it’s a project that’s great for Americans too. Today, an executive order was issued approving the project subject to new conditions.
This pipeline project will create  jobs in Canada and the United States—that’s great news considering the number of energy workers currently seeking employment! It will also ensure that people working in our oil sands region have continued demand for the products they create through hard work, innovation and an unrivaled commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.
But, there are hurdles yet to be jumped before the shovels are in the ground.
It’s vital, now more than ever, that you demonstrate your support for responsible resource development in Canada.
We know the activist organizations are readying themselves for a fight. They’ll continue to smear and misinform, trying to shape public opinion against our industry and our environmental protection efforts. We have to fight their fear mongering with facts.
When the U.S. State Department studied the project, they rejected the claims of the activists: 5 major studies each determined that the pipeline would pose minimal environmental risk and have virtually no effect on global warming.
Please take a minute today to talk to people you know. Share your opinion on this important infrastructure project. Tell them you’re proud of our environmental record. Help them understand how important our energy industry is to our quality of life.
Share the news on Twitter and Facebook. Call a radio talk show.
It’s time for Canadians to take action. It’s time for Canada to lead.
Thank you!

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