The world needs Canadian LNG - right now.

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Families and businesses across the world have never needed Canada’s natural gas as much as they do right now.

When natural gas is in short supply, there are extreme real life consequences for those who are affected. In the worst case scenario, families end up facing shocking energy bills, businesses are forced to shut their doors, and we could even have food shortages.

The facts show that Europe in particular, needs more natural gas as soon as possible:

That’s why countries are doing everything they can to secure access to reliable natural gas. Just recently, Germany moved to expedite two LNG terminals to get energy from Qatar.

Why don’t we give the world an option to also source natural gas from Canada? We have A LOT of it. 

Canada’s natural gas is produced under one of the most stringent and environmentally conscious regulatory regimes in the world, meaning we should be a go-to supplier of choice.

Canada could and absolutely should be in a position to be providing our global peers with the natural gas they need:

Many Canadians are shocked when they learn that despite having an abundance of natural gas - and a long list of investment proposals in the queue - we don’t have a single LNG exporting terminal to ship our sustainably produced resource overseas yet.

Currently, we are only able to provide natural gas across land to Canadians and our American friends to the south. Today, the U.S. has seven operating export terminals, which as of 2022, have made them the largest LNG exporter in the world. Meanwhile, Canada continues to lack foresight and has cancelled or delayed nearly 20 export terminals over the past several years. In fact, we did the same thing in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s - we missed the boat.

LNG Canada is the only major export terminal currently under construction. With today’s events happening in Europe, it's abundantly clear that we should continue to expand our LNG exports to provide the world with sustainably produced Canadian natural gas.

Developing the capacity to export our LNG to our overseas partners won’t happen overnight. This is a multi-year endeavour that will require deliberate support from various levels of government and Canadians of all walks of life. But the world’s need for responsibly produced natural gas isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Europe and other parts of the world will need energy in the future even more than they do today. Shell’s latest report found that LNG demand is projected to grow 90 per cent by 2040.

It is time that we stand behind our LNG producers, and start planning additional natural gas exporting capacity.

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