Mayor Nenshi Supports Energy East

Mayor Nenshi Supports Energy East

Finally, some municipal support for the Energy East Pipeline!

Giving a speech at Ottawa City Hall, Naheed Nenshi took a common sense approach to market access when addressing the crowd. Noting Canadians are fuelling their lives on oil imported from the likes of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, the Mayor called for the need for energy advocates and environmentalists to work together to develop Canada’s energy sector in a responsible and advantageous way. 

After hearing first hand Prime Minister Trudeau undermine Canada’s reliance on our natural resource sector at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mayor Nenshi took a different approach, stating  “It was our resourcefulness that led to the development of Canadian energy through the oilsands. The oilsands which, by the way, are an incredible asset and an incredible heritage to all Canadians.”

The Energy East pipeline has the potential to benefit individuals, families, and businesses across all of Canada - The proposed pipeline would safely transport just over 1 million barrels a day from Alberta to Saint John, New Brunswick, and would have the capability to serve refineries in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Mayor Nenshi was correct when he said this is not just an Alberta issue, but one that should matter to all Canadians.


To listen to Mayor Nenshi’s speech click here:

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