Tell The Government to Take the Middle Road

Tell The Government to Take the Middle Road

It seems like everyday there’s a new attempt by activists to hurt Alberta’s competitiveness and to make unrealistic demands through letter-writing and social media campaigns.

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT for reasonable people to join in the discussion. Today there’s a perfect chance to do just that. But you must act immediately!

Recently the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) released draft regulations that would reduce methane emissions from the upstream oil and gas sector by 40 to 45 percent by 2025. The provincial draft is open for consultation until May 28th, 2018. Opponents of our sector are urging their followers to write government. I’m hoping you will do the same.

While industry is committed to the government goal of 40 to 45 percent methane emission reduction by 2025, they support the CAPP proposal that offers a collaborative, results-oriented approach that ensures competitiveness, protects some 7,000 jobs, and still achieves the reduction targets set by the provincial and federal governments. (The government was given a copy of CAPPs proposal, but decided not to adopt the full recommendation.)

I’m very concerned the regulation put forward by the Alberta government will add significant and unnecessary costs to industry. It’s also important to note the Alberta government hasn’t provided a socio-economic analysis outlining what effect this new regulation will have on the economy. That’s tremendously risky.


Please find the time today to write a short personal letter to the AER:

Email address:

CC:,, and local MLAs.

You can find your local MLA here and their contact information here


If you’re concerned about the restrictive new draft regulations, please let them know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – AND PREFEREABLY TODAY. Here’s how:


Start your letter with a brief introduction:


  • Simply state your business or position, who you are, how much (roughly) the energy sector contributes to your way of life, and anything you think is relevant.


Choose a few of these Key Messages or include your own:


  • The provincial government hasn’t made public its regional socio-economic analyses of the new regulations. Therefore, we don’t know the impacts this draft will have on Alberta residents in different regions. It’s crucial the government understands and shares the projected impacts of this policy before moving forward.


  • The cost of compliance will be in the millions of dollars and this will come out of local economies. The government should release its data to ensure communities are prepared.


  • Such a short consultation period is simply unfair. The drafts will result in a massive overhaul, and government must ensure this is done right so as not to impede Alberta’s economic recovery further.


  • This plan will severely hurt the industry’s ability to attract investment for development of energy in Alberta, and that hurts competitiveness – never mind the fact this is yet another in a long list of continuous policy implementations that, once added up, hurts investment.


  • These regulations will overshoot industry targets and add greatly to operating costs for no good reason.

Conclude your letter with a clear request, and your name:

  • You can say something like: In closing, I urge the AER to consider the proposed CAPP recommendations, and I urge government to release publicly a regional socio-economic impact analysis of potential impacts of the draft regulations.


  • Thank the AER for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Thanks so very much for your continued support of our great energy sector and its huge economic contribution, and for considering writing this short, clear and timely letter.

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