Mining in Ontario: 15 Interesting Facts

Did you know that Ontario is a hotbed for mining activity in Canada? The industry is active in all parts of the province in a diverse set of communities including Sudbury, Windsor, Midland, Timmins, Perth, Marathon, North Bay and Attawapiskat to name a few.

The further north you get in Ontario, the more important mining becomes to local economies. In the far north of the province, mineral resource development is especially critical to business and employment opportunities.

As Canada's largest private sector employer of First Nations, the contribution of the mining industry to the well-being and development of remote communities across the country is significant. But secluded municipalities aren't the only ones that benefit from the sector.

Major urban centres like Toronto are also boosted by indirect activity in the financial, services and supply sectors.

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), for example, lists more publicly traded mining companies and raises more mining equity than any other exchange in the world. It is the leading global mining exchange!

These are just a few facts that show how important mining is to Ontarians across the province. Here's several more facts about mining in Ontario that should give you a broader perspective on the industry as a whole. Also see:

Mining in Ontario: 15 FactsCanadian Resources are Good for the Global Environment

#1 - 39 mining sites in Ontario extracting minerals including, but not limited to:

- nickel, copper, gold, zinc, diamonds, salt, gypsum, calcium carbonate, talc, nepheline syenite +    other platinum group and industrial minerals

#2 - 900 mining service and supply companies in Ontario

#3 - Ontario is Canada's largest producer of gold, nickel, platinum group metals

#4 - Ontario is Canada's second largest producer of copper and a major producer of salt and structural minerals

#5 - 90% of the gross domestic product (GDP) generated by the mining industry in Ontario stays in the province

#6 - 77,000 total direct and indirect mineral production employees in the province

#7 - 40,000 total employees in the leading-edge mine supply and service sector, with a direct economic impact of $6.6 billion annually

#8 - 11.2% of mining employees in Ontario identify as Indigenous - compared to about 7.5% Canada-wide for the mining industry

#9 - Over $90 million in contributions to local Indigenous governments in 2015 to cover provisions for employment and training programs, financial payments, community and social programs and donations to name some

#10 - $1.6 billion+ in annual industry payroll, which generates hundreds of millions of dollars per year in personal income taxes

#11 - Mining workers average $1,611 while mining support workers average $1,815 on a weekly basis - 67% higher than the average industrial worker in Ontario

#12 - Ontario is one of the safest mining jurisdictions in the world and also in the province itself, with a 96% improvement in lost time injury occurrences over the past 3 decades

#13 - Over 50% of metals that are mined are also processed in the province

#14 - Ontario mining companies process minerals from four other Canadian provinces, as well as from the United States and Australia

#15 - 57% of global mining financial transactions were done on the TSXV and TSV in 2016

*Sourced from the Ontario Mining Association, Natural Resources Canada

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