Giving Our Resource Sector the Respect It Deserves - Newsletter: April 2022

Newsletter April 2022 Canada Action

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Ongoing fertilizer shortages, food insecurity and energy shortages have highlighted the need for more of Canada’s responsibly produced natural resources. 

It’s essential that Canadians digest the reality that this is not a temporary situation. Access to natural resources underpins every facet of our daily lives.

This is not a time to sit back and take our role in global markets for granted, it is a time to continue planning for the future. We must acknowledge the strategic importance, and treat our resource sector with the respect it deserves.

We are leaders in protecting people and the planet!

     - Cody

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Majority of Canadians Agree the World Needs More Canadian Resources: POLL

A new poll has found Canadians would like to see their country's natural resources sector play a growing role in reducing dependence on less transparent and less regulated nations supplying the global market.


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9 Questions with Mayor Reed from the Heart of Potash Country


"Canadians should care about the development of natural resources because it is one of the biggest things we have to offer - both within our own borders as well as for export. There is a tremendous need for resources around the world - some of which are only available in Canada."


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