Canada's LNG Opportunity is Here - Newsletter: April 2023

Newsletter on Canadian Resources - April 2023

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We are heading into our warmer months with renewed optimism for Canada’s natural resource industry. More and more Canadians continue to come together in support of responsibly developing our oil, natural gas and other important natural resource products.

Over the past month, millions of Canadians engaged with, viewed and shared our content in support of the hard-working families who work in Canadian energy and other sectors.

  • Thousands of Canadians have added their names to petitions to support Canadian energy - add yours too.
  • Millions of Canadians have interacted with us on social media - share some of our latest posts.
  • More and more people are reading our informative articles about Canadian resources - check out some of our recent articles below.

Scroll down to check out everything Canada Action and our grassroots supporters have been doing to support Canada’s natural resource families.

Support Domestic Energy

This is a big deal! The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has a resolution asking the federal government to stand up for Canadian energy. Specifically, the Federation is calling for all of our foreign imported energy to be held to the same high standard as Canada's world-leading producers. Add your name to the petition if you agree!


Kudos to Canada’s Municipalities for Encouraging Energy Fairness

A lack of fairness for our domestic natural resource producers undermines our own energy security, threatens the resilience of Canadian workers, families and communities – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – and only hurts the global climate. Kudos to the Canadian municipalities who are standing up for energy fairness!


How You Can Help

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It's easy for Canada's critics to forget that our responsibly produced oil and natural gas are created by hundreds of thousands of hard-working Canadians. Those careers are creating opportunities and providing for families from coast to coast. Share this post on Twitter or Facebook to help spread this important message!


Canada's Energy Opportunity

The world is calling on Canada to provide our allies and trading partners with responsibly produced natural gas. Our LNG can create Canadian jobs, power our partner's economies and help lower global emissions. It is a win for everyone.


How Haisla Nation's Cedar LNG Project is a New Dawn for Indigenous Peoples

by Estella Petersen 

It’s not hard to see the pride in the faces of people from Haisla Nation as this project has evolved. Particularly Chief Councillor Crystal Smith and former Chief Councillor Ellis Ross as they tirelessly negotiated to have their people as partners in the project from the conception through to the operational stage.


Fracking for Natural Gas in British Columbia:

6 Questions & Answers

Anti-Canadian natural gas activists are making unsubstantiated claims aimed at scaring people about responsible resource development in B.C. We want to set the record straight.


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