Support for Canadian Farmers - Newsletter: August 2022

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In recent weeks there have been discussions about decreasing the amount of fertilizer Canadian farmers use, which would lead to a direct reduction in the amount of food our families have available to us.

It is clear that just like all of our natural resources, Canadians and indeed the rest of the world, need more of our food and agricultural products - not less.

Canadians are proud to know that not only do we have some of the largest reserves of nearly every important resource in the world, but we also develop those resources at an exceptionally high level of environmental and social responsibility.

We’ve said that before, and will say it again and again… and again, because the world needs to hear it.

Thank you so much for continuing to help us stand up for the families who work in our natural resource sector. In supporting those families, we are supporting the backbone of our entire great nation.

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Protect Our Food

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Canadian farmers oppose fertilizer reduction plans and policies that are being discussed in Ottawa. Please take a moment to sign your name in support of Canada's farmers and ranchers.

In the News

Defending Canada during a podcast about taxing "Big Oil"

Just this past week we promoted our oil and gas industry's massive financial contribution to Canadian prosperity, in response to unnecessary calls for a windfall tax on the sector.

(Starts at 27:28)

Free Bumper Stickers

Bigger and better.

We're sending out free bumper stickers to all of Canada's natural resource supporters. In return, our only request is that you display them proudly!

Economic Reconciliation with Indigenous Communities Can Fuel Canada’s Net-Zero Ambitions: REPORT

A new report by the Royal Bank of Canada is highlighting the critical role of Indigenous Peoples in the transition to net zero emissions.

Europe's Return to Coal Highlights Need for Canadian LNG

As Russia reduces natural gas flows to Europe, many countries are scrambling to ensure their energy needs are met this coming winter. They need look no further than to the west – to Canada, one of the world's most responsible oil and natural gas suppliers.

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