Our Collective Voice is Very Powerful - Newsletter: June 2022

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Dear Visitor,

Each and every day, Canada Action is spreading a positive message about Canada’s natural resource industries and the families who work in them. 

However, we know this message is its strongest when it’s amplified by our hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters.

Together, we can make a very big impact on Canada’s national discussion around resources and energy.

That’s why we have a team of Resource Champions who have volunteered to help spread the good news about Canadian resources.

Every few weeks the Resource Champions are sent action items to help show their support online. The group regularly signs and shares pledges, sends emails in support of resources, and shares our social media content.

Everything they do normally only takes a moment or two, but collectively the group has a huge voice.

Would you be willing to join us in this important cause, and sign up to be a Resource Champion at this link?

- Cody

Radio Debate

Canada Action and the Wilderness Committee

Canada Action and the Wilderness Committee go head-to-head on whether or not Canada should be stepping up to provide Europe with much needed energy.


How You Can Help

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Global Energy Show

Get your tickets

As North America’s Leading Energy Event, the Global Energy Show is going to be packed full of great speakers. Come see us and the many other exhibitors next week!


Why Ownership of Canadian Pipelines is Good for Indigenous Peoples

Estella Peterson

When you hear the words "pipelines" and "Indigenous Peoples" in the same sentence, many Canadians are inclined to visualize protestors marching down some street in opposition to such projects.


Natural Gas, Fertilizer & Food Security: Canada’s Opportunity

The 2022 war in Ukraine has shone a light on the importance of energy security for policymakers worldwide, especially in the European Union where governments are now frantically searching for alternative oil and gas supply sources, as well as other vital natural resources.


Supporter Spotlight:
Lyndon Breadner

Our spotlight this month is Lyndon Breadner. Lyndon is a member of Students for Canada, Canada Action’s student and young professional initiative. Today he talks to us about why it’s so important that Canadian youth support natural resources.


80+ Summer Products Made Possible by Canadian Natural Resources

Canada’s diverse landscapes provide Canadians with the opportunity to enjoy a full spectrum of summer activities and events. From mountain climbing in the Rockies to boating on the Great Lakes, natural resources are the foundation for products that make all these enjoyable activities possible.


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