What Do Fertilizer & Energy Have in Common? - Newsletter: September 2022

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Dear Visitor --

Much of the world now finds itself desperately short of several major resources. Almost all of which, Canada has the ability to produce and supply.

However, to do so will require the continued support of millions of grassroots Canadians who want to see our nation reach its full potential.

The families who work producing our natural resources need your support.

Last month we asked our supporters to take action and voice their opposition to unnecessary fertilizer reduction regulations. We are thrilled to report that over 10,000 people from every corner of our great nation added their names to that pledge.

When thousands of us take simple action like this together, we can make a big impact.

Now we are asking for your voice again, as Ottawa is talking about putting an unfair emissions cap on our oil and gas sector.

Please check out the link below to stand with the growing number of families who want to Choose Canada, when it comes to reliable and environmentally responsible energy.

Choose Canada

Sign the Petition

Every family and business in the world needs oil and gas. Full stop. With a track record in environmental excellence, our energy producers deserve to be the global producers of choice.


DEBATE: Does Oil & Gas Divestment Hurt or Help Canadians?

Listen as Canada Action's Cody Battershill debates the Wilderness Committee, and explains why oil and gas protesters are unjustly hurting Canadian families and only helping our foreign competitors.


It Matters Where Our Energy Comes From

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We need to remind ourselves that it absolutely does matter where our energy comes from. Please take a moment to share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter.


Canadian LNG Can Play a Big Role in Underpinning Global Energy Security, If We Let It

It’s 2022, and Canada still doesn’t have a single major liquefied natural gas export facility built. Meanwhile, natural gas prices in Europe and Asia are reaching all-time-highs, forcing several industries to return to more greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive forms of energy.


Does Indigenous Ownership in Resource Projects Change Everything?

Many Indigenous communities have no opportunity for employment and job creation is limited, so reliance on government assistance is prevalent. But economic development is possible, and along with it, economic reconciliation.


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PS: Want to do more? The best way to help us support Canada's natural resource industries is to volunteer or donate. If you'd like to volunteer, sign up for our Resource Champions team as a digital volunteer here. You can also donate here.

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