The Cost of Failed Pipeline Projects

The Cost of Failed Pipeline Projects


This page is dedicated to what Canada is losing when we fail to develop export pipelines. Much of what we are losing  is due to the discount we receive on our oil, this amounts to millions of dollars a day.


According to Desjadins, Canada will lose 92 billion dollars from 2008- 2020 due to the oil discount. This amounts to $2,548.48 per Canadian!




O'Toole: Ontario Needs Alberta

"Canadians must realize that the success of our resource sector benefits all Canadians. Manufacturing, professional services and support jobs in Durham and across Ontario already depend on this sector and there is potential for even more growth from the west. The pipeline debates are not just about the West, they are about the future of Canada. This year, Canada will receive $15 billion less in revenue for our resources because of the lack of pipelines."

The REAL Cost of Unemployment in Alberta – Read an Oil & Gas Worker’s Story – Wendy Ferguson

“I am one of those unemployed people, who have been out of work for the past 3 years. I have done everything from applying everywhere to networking to taking help in resume crafting. I have 5 years of work experience, hard working and a qualified engineer with a M.Eng degree in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, but none of those means anything.  I tried switching industries, but no one is willing to give me a chance in any new field.  I feel stuck and helpless.”

Canada’s Stockholm Syndrome

"While the price of (West Texas Intermediate) oil has long since rebounded from its 2016 lows, and while Americans are producing record amounts of not only oil but also natural gas (the latter reducing emissions from coal-fired power in the United States), Canadian energy firms are still in the fire-sale dumpsters with Western Canadian Select and local natural gas prices both at depressed lows."


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