Oil Sands Action on Twitter: Best Tweets & Retweets (April 2019)

What’s going on as of late with Canada’s natural resource sector? One way to find out is Twitter; this social media platform is an excellent way to keep up with current voices, opinions and debates on topics such as energy.

One such debate is why Canada is lagging behind on natural resource development while other top oil exporters take advantage of growing global oil and gas demand. Canada is one of the most transparent, regulated and environmentally-friendly oil and gas producers. It would make sense for Canada to be supplying its fair market share of growing global oil and gas demand, right?

The question remains: why is Canada's energy sector the only one in the world that's under such intense scrutiny and opposition by so-called "environmental" groups? Learn more about this topic in our tweets below.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, however, that’s okay, as we’ve compiled a list of our best tweets and retweets for the month of April 2019 on @OilSandsAction below (also see @CanadaAction):