Oil Sands Action on Twitter: Best Tweets & Retweets (March 2019)

Are you following us @CanadaAction or @OilSandsAction on Twitter? If not, we’d love to have you! We use this platform to spread a balanced and informed conversation on Canada’s natural resource sector, regulations / policy and other factors that affect out nation's overall competitiveness. These factors all play an integral role in our nation’s economic well-being and prosperity.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, that’s okay! Not everyone does, which is why we’re compiling the best of our tweets and retweets at Oil Sands Action below for you to read. You can also visit our Twitter page to see them in a format that may be more friendly for your mobile device or computer.

These accounts, like our own, will give you information and insight into both national and international events related to the backbone of our country's prosperity - natural resources - as well as an overview of Canada's overall competitiveness on the world stage in terms of business, resource development and more.

Here’s Oil Sands Action’s best tweets and retweets for the month of March 2019: