Oil Sands Action on Twitter: Retweets (February 2019)

Twitter is an excellent way to broadcast your message to the world. In our case, we use our duel Twitter accounts @CanadaAction and @OilSandsAction to convey our message which supports Canada's highly transparent, regulated and environmentally responsible natural resource sectors and overall economic success.

If you don't have Twitter, and don't plan on getting an account anytime soon, that's okay! Not many people are interested in Twitter, which is why we are sharing all of our retweets on Oil Sands Action's below. If you want to check out more of our regular tweets, however, be sure to check us out on Twitter (link above).

If you do happen to have Twitter, however, we recommend you follow some of these accounts we've retweeted seen below (if not already). These people and organizations are great sources of information if you're looking to stay informed and up-to-date on recent events related to Canada's natural resources and overall economic prosperity.

Here's all of Oil Sands Action's Twitter retweets for the month of February 2019 (and some of our best own tweets too!):