OPEC Oil is Flooding back into Eastern Canada

OPEC Oil in Eastern Canada


According to the National Energy Board, Canada imported an average of 759,000 barrels per day of oil, primarily into eastern provinces, in 2016. Of that total, OPEC nations supplied about 33 per cent, up from 25 per cent in 2015. 
Canadian anti-oil activists are silent on this fact though. They're too busy trying to stop Canadian oil getting to Canada's largest energy markets in Ontario and Quebec. 
Google Energy East and there's no shortage of stories quoting professional activists who are organizing communities along the proposed route to oppose this vital Canadian infrastructure project. They use fear, not facts, to scare communities. 
And that's harming the people who live and work in Canadian communities that produce oil and gas.
Silence lends consent. 
In their silence about OPEC oil flooding into Eastern Canada, activists are saying they're OK with it. According to activists Canadian oil is bad; OPEC oil, silence, consent.  
But silence also lends consent on the other side of the conversation too. 
Which is why we spoke to an Ottawa radio station this week. And why we're working hard to make sure all Canadians understand that as long as we're using oil, Canada should be the first choice of consumers everywhere. 
We won't be silent.
"Silence lends consent" is also the reason why we're asking you, too, to raise your voice in this conversation.
We urge you to get involved and make your views known.
You can take action right now. Forward this email to three of your contacts. Share the radio interview link through Facebook and Twitter. 
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