Email Regina City Council

Now more than ever, we need to support the people who work in our responsibly produced resource sector.

After the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, our industry and the families who work in it were already facing bad news and thousands of people were put out of work.

This is another example of why Canadians need to diversify our trading customers to be able to receive the best global price for our oil.

Unfortunately, at the same time last week the Regina City Council’s executive committee voted in favour of a new policy that would restrict energy companies from sponsoring or advertising with the city. 

The move is a disservice to the hard working women and men who work in our responsible oil and gas sector. The motion does nothing to acknowledge the critical role of the hundreds of thousands of jobs the industry provides to Canada. Nor does it give recognition to the huge strides the industry has made to excel at protecting the environment.

As Canadians look to move past COVID-19 and the economic challenges it has created, we should be rallying together to support our vital industries.

Thankfully, the Mayor of Regina and some members of Council are opposed to the policy.

Will you take a moment to contact the Regina City Council, and ask them all to support Canadian energy and the families who rely on it?

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