Respect the Rule of Law!

Respect the Rule of Law!

Tell John Horgan, Andrew Weaver and George Heyman: Respect the Rule of Law!

A recent opinion editorial in the National Post raises some great points about pipelines, oil exports and the Canadian approvals process. Gwyn Morgan writes that, “after almost a decade and more than $1 billion spent on planning and regulatory filings, five major (Canadian) oil-export pipelines remain unbuilt, leaving us with no choice but to sell our oil to U.S. buyers at below world prices.”

Morgan puts that key concept into very practical terms: "Depending on the world price and other factors, the resulting captive-market discount has been as much as US$10 per barrel on the 3.8-million barrels per day exported to the U.S.

That amounts to a US$38-million daily gift to Americans, who then export their own oil at the full international market price.” For Morgan, the construction of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Expansion Project is “the final chance to end the ruinous giveaway of billions of dollars to the Americans while giving the beleaguered oil industry and its millions of employees their first glimmer of hope.

And if this project fails,” Morgan asks, “why would anyone invest in our oil and gas industry again?”

Please share Morgan’s editorial with newly sworn BC Premier John Horgan, Green Party leader Andrew Weaver and BC Environment Minister George Heyman. Contact them through email, social media or by phone. Tell them to respect the rule of law, support the majority of First Nations in favour of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, and ensure this crucial Canadian infrastructure is built.

The pipeline has been discussed, debated, weighed, reviewed and - most importantly - it’s been approved. There’s little question that it’s in the country’s best interests. Contact their offices — tell them it’s time to build, for the sake of all of us! And if you’re willing to stand up and be counted, please sign our petition!





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