Suzuki Degree is an Insult to Alberta and Canadians

Suzuki Degree is an Insult to Alberta and Canadians

Tell University of Alberta Chancellor Douglas Stollery and President and Vice-Chancellor David Turpin that granting David Suzuki an honorary degree is an insult.

Tell them it’s an insult not just to a school, but to its alumni, its benefactors, and to the province’s most important industry. It sends an insulting message to the sector’s thousands of beleaguered employees, suppliers, their families, and to the province itself.

Tell Chancellor Stollery and President Turpin to rescind the decision to honour this divisive man.

Contact Chancellor Stollery


Phone: 780.492.2268

Contact President Turpin


Phone: 780-492-3212



U of A has announced it will bestow an honorary degree on one of the Canadian oil and gas industry's most vehement opponents.

Chancellor Stollery described the move as recognition of Suzuki’s work through “our learning community’s highest honour.” Chancellor Stollery added: “I look forward to hearing the perspectives of each of these inspiring individuals during our spring convocation.”

But anyone – I mean ANYONE – who’s been listening already has Suzuki’s perspective on our province and its most important economic generator.

Here’s one of hundreds of samples of Suzuki’s attacks against our sector and our province. Long-time BC journalist Tom Fletcher noted the following in April, 2012:

Suzuki’s personal activities aren’t easily distinguished from those of his foundation, as was illustrated with his recent CBC documentary that demonized the “tar sands.”

Diseased fish were displayed, but natural contamination of the Athabasca River was glossed over. Aboriginal objections were highlighted, while local support and economic benefits were overlooked.

"This isn’t science or charity. It’s tabloid journalism. Sensationalize, ignore facts that weaken the drama, play to people’s emotions.”


Please sign this petition and tell Chancellor Stollery and President Turpin that David Suzuki’s planned honorary doctor of science degree, set to be awarded June 7 at 10 a.m., should be reversed out of respect for the tens of thousands that work hard every day to make the Alberta energy sector the pride of this country – not because of Suzuki’s misguided efforts, but in spite of them.


Tell U of A to just say ‘no’ to honouring Suzuki


If the University does not alter course, we will be presenting this petition to the President and Chancellor at a June 7th protest when Suzuki is honoured.




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