Say NO to Bill C-69

Say NO to Bill C-69


Did you know Canada spends about $2.3 billion annually to import oil from Saudi Arabia, a country Amnesty International says “retains an atrocious human rights record”, while groups like Greenpeace never protest foreign oil tankers on our shores? In fact, Canada’s spent more than $120,000,000,000 on foreign oil since 2012.

The Federal Government is making it easier for foreign oil imports to enter Canada, while making it harder for Canadian fair trade oil to meet our country’s energy demands.

The Government is adding cumbersome new regulations in the form of Bill C-69, which the  Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) has said: “It is difficult to imagine that a new major pipeline could be built in Canada” if Bill C-69 passes.

Let’s tell the Government that Bill C-69, under consideration in Ottawa, will hammer Canadian energy companies, employees, contractors and their families, while it helps foreign competitors by ensuring Canadian fair trade oil remains virtually landlocked from global markets and higher prices.

Tell them that we want pipelines like Energy East that connect Canadian resources to Canadian markets, and that Bill C-69 prevents this from happening.


Earlier this year, the Federal Government introduced Bill C-69, proposed legislation that would further complicate a highly onerous pipeline approvals process and thereby hurt Canadian companies and help their foreign competitors.

But the mandatory consultation and review process for these projects is already immense. The new Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project in BC took three years to gain approval! C-69 would only further cripple the sector.

The bill would hinder not just the Canadian oil and gas industry on which our tax base depends, but also any company or worker across Canada that supplies goods and services to Canada’s energy sector.

Bottom Line:

Canada leads other energy producers in virtually every major international ranking for protecting people and the planet – from democratic freedom and lack of corruption, to women’s empowerment and employment standards, to access to health and education.

In short, Bill C-69 would hand off oil and gas, our nation’s largest single contributor to the national economy, to foreign countries like Saudi Arabia that don’t share our values. Activists don’t complain about tankers arriving on our shores laden with foreign oil. Only the Canadian sector is in the activists’ crosshairs. Bill C-69 will hand them another tool to hurt us and help our global competitors. Enough is enough!


Please sign this petition and tell the Federal Government that we’re tired of being undercut by  legislation that makes it almost impossible for Canada’s important energy sector to succeed while we provide avenues for our foreign competitors to beat us.

Tell your colleagues, friends and neighbours. Let’s say ‘no’ to Bill C-69 and the unfair obstacles it places in front of our industry, our employees, contractors, suppliers and families!

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