Severe Energy Supply Shortages in Europe Point to a Need for Canadian Infrastructure & Reliable Exports of Our Natural Gas

CALGARY, AB, Feb. 4, 2022 /CNW/ - As severe energy shortages mount in Europe, Canada's role as a progressive, reliable global energy supplier could be part of the energy solution, a Canadian grassroots coalition spokesperson says.

But this would require Canada to take control of its own economic destiny, to build sufficient pipeline, processing and shipping infrastructure, and to get fair value for our resources as we export our natural gas and oil products to thirsty global markets.

"Liquid natural gas (LNG) produced in Canada under strict environmental, social and governance standards, is more important than ever before," Canada Action founder and spokesperson Cody Battershill said.

"We're blessed with an enormous endowment of natural gas, our Canadian workforce and our research establishments are the envies of the world, and we're known internationally as the greatest steward of natural and human resources," Battershill added.

"But as other global energy players work to alleviate European gas shortages, Canada appears to be nowhere in sight."

Qatar and the US have been working up plans to reroute LNG supply to Europe in case of further disruptions from the brewing conflict in which relations between Russia and Ukraine have exacerbated an already difficult energy relationship. In recent months, the US has sent 49 LNG tankers to Europe to help replenish low gas supplies.

Germany, which is reliant on Russia for more than half its gas imports, is just one example of an economy that would benefit from Canadian product in the event the German supply situation worsens.

"Global markets already know Canada for our world-leading reputation as a progressive, reliable energy supplier. It's clear that any increase in Canadian natural gas to Europe at such a pivotal time could provide real benefits to Europe and Canada alike," Battershill said.

Canada Action is a non-partisan, national coalition that advocates for the responsible development of Canada's natural resources, for the sectors that move that development forward, and for the workers, families and communities the sectors support.

SOURCE Canada Action Coalition

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