Solidarity With Oshawa

Solidarity With Oshawa

Tell Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau the country can’t afford to ignore its failing competitiveness and fleeing investment capital. This isn’t just about the prolonged crisis in our energy sector anymore. It’s about the health of the Canadian economy as a whole.

From the West through the Prairies, to Ontario and Quebec and all the way to the Maritimes, Canada is facing serious economic trouble – and Ottawa must commit itself to take IMMEDIATE ACTION to avoid a calamity.

With the recent announcement that GM will shutter its Oshawa manufacturing plant, the rest of Canada is learning the country has some very tough decisions to make. Western Canadians understand this pain and we stand with them!

Western Canadians have suffered from the catastrophic differential – the gap between the deep-discount Canada receives for a barrel of oil compared to the benchmark price for the same product on the global market. It is deeply threatening jobs.

We entirely support Oshawa, and demand that the federal government take action to defend Canadian jobs!


In the April 14 edition of the prestigious weekly The Economist, the writer called out Kinder Morgan’s attempt to build a pipeline reflects badly on Canada, labelling it ”the latest in a string of (Canadian) pipeline flops that could deter foreign investors.”

During the same month, RBC President & CEO Dave McKay told reporters a “significant” investment exodus to the US is underway, and that it would likely be followed by a loss of talent, placing at risk the next generation of Canadian-based engineers, problem solvers and intellectual property.

And late last month, General Motors confirmed it would close its 100-year-old factory in Oshawa at the end of 2019, affecting more than 2,500 workers. Whether it’s our inability to compete with US tax reforms, or our government’s habit of making restrictive environmentally policy worse by layering it with impediments to investment, we’re all at risk.


Canadian families from Coast to Coast to Coast are in jeopardy of losing their livelihoods because our federal officials have failed to take seriously this crisis of competitiveness and investment.

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