‘Just Transition’ Open to Canadians for Feedback - Submit Yours Today!

'Just Transition' Open to Canadians for Feedback Submit Yours Today!

Make your voice heard! The federal government has put out a request for public comment on their new plan for a “just transition” for Canada’s energy industry.

This process must be led by the families, workers and communities that are impacted by any future decisions, while not losing sight of global energy demand - including the growing need for oil and gas.

It is important to highlight that a “just transition” should start by making sure global oil and gas demand is supplied by the most environmentally responsible producers who are focused on reducing emissions — and this is exactly what is happening in Canada.

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The women and men who make up our Canadian energy industry are world leaders in balancing environmental protection with economic opportunities. Not sure how to respond? See our 'Just Transition Questions & Answers for more insight before contacting the government!

Please consider commenting on this important issue:

Comment Now - Canada Action

We know there are lots of anti-Canadian energy and resource groups that are already promoting a “just transition” plan to shut down Canadian oil and gas.

We need to make sure that this consultation process is balanced, and includes consideration of these relevant facts:

  • Canadian oil and gas has generated well over $500 billion in government revenues since 2000
  • Canada’s oil and gas sector supports nearly 600,000 families from coast-to-coast, jobs we cannot afford to lose or have permanently displaced
  • Canada is already a leader in reducing emissions, clean technology, carbon capture, and renewable energy, and we should be a preferred global supplier of energy as demand continues to rise.
  • Contrary to the narrative pushed by anti-Canadian energy groups, a just transition is about innovation towards a low carbon economy, something Canada is already showing leadership in.
  • A just transition should be about ensuring that fair policies impacting the oil and gas sector, as it moves toward net zero, are made in partnership with the workers, businesses, and communities impacted.
  • A just transition should not be about getting rid of all fossil fuels, contrary to self-serving definitions from anti-Canadian energy groups.
  • A just transition developed in Canada can be a model for the world as we move to net zero, while preserving our responsible, innovative and essential oil + gas sector and all the benefits affordable, reliable energy brings to improving families' quality of life around the world.

A just transition means we start to have a balanced conversation about Canada's existing record of global leadership in climate action and environmental protection.

Please let your voice be heard on this important topic:

Comment Now - Canada Action

Thank you!

- Canada Action

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