Yes, We Can Support Canadian Energy Jobs & the Global Environment

Growing oil and gas demand in a world intently focussed on environmental outcomes means only the most sustainable producers should be put up for the job. As a global leader in emissions reductions and environmental performance, Canada’s oil and gas sector can and should be a choice supplier for the world’s future energy needs.

Through continued innovation and investment, Alberta’s energy sector has a bright and resilient future – one that would uplift both our families and communities. By working together, we can ensure Alberta is a preferred global oil and gas supplier while bringing energy jobs back to our province!

Canada's oil and gas sector is one of the largest employers in our country, supporting more than 500,000 jobs from coast to coast. These are often well-paying jobs, ranging from drilling activities to environmental monitoring and community relations. (CAPP)

If we continue to develop clean technologies like carbon capture and new innovations to reduce emissions, we can attract international investment back into our oil and gas sector and ensure a bright future for Alberta energy.

The energy sector accounts for more than 10% of Canada's GDP and 23% of goods exported in 2019, with exports of oil and gas totalling more than $122 billion. (Natural Resources Canada)

By working together to improve our environmental performance, Canada can continue to boost its energy exports while simultaneously creating new jobs in communities that need it the most.

Canada's upstream oil and gas sector is projected to generate $530 billion in economic activity between 2020 and 2025. (CERI).

By supporting a resilient energy future through the continued development of cleantech and innovation, our oil and gas sector could generate even more government revenues to pay for critical social programs such as healthcare and education.

Between 2000-2019, Canada's oil and gas sector generated $505 billion in revenues for Canadian governments, used to pay for things like schools, roads, hospitals, and the jobs that build/staff them. (Canadian Energy Centre)

If we continue to support decarbonization efforts made by our energy industry, Canada's oil and gas sector can become a global supplier of choice and create even more prosperity for our families while bringing jobs back to Alberta.

In 2019, Canada's oil sands sector spent $2.36 billion on procurement of goods and services from 275 different Indigenous companies, up considerably from $1.55 billion in 2017. (CAPP)

Countless Indigenous communities depend on a thriving oil and gas sector for economic stimulus. By supporting continued decarbonization efforts in Canadian oil and gas and ensuring the longevity of our energy sector, we can help Indigenous Peoples continue on a path towards economic reconciliation.

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