Yes, We Can Support Both Climate Action + Canadian Oil and Gas

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Canadians don’t have to choose between supporting climate action or backing our local oil and gas industry. That's because reducing emissions from our oil and gas production creates a more resilient energy future for our families.

The past, present and future of Canada’s oil and gas success is tied to our record of environmental innovation and emissions reductions. Working together, we can ensure we are a preferred oil and gas supplier for the world.

Alberta OnG Campaign - Landing Page Banners-01With greenhouse gas (GHG) intensities down by roughly 23% since 2012, oil sands now emit just 4% to 5% more than the global average on a well-to-wheels basis; several newer projects already boast below-average carbon footprints. (BMO)

If we continue to invest in reducing emissions, we can create a resilient future for our local communities while attracting international investment back into our oil and gas sector.

Alberta has had carbon pricing initiatives on large industrial emitters since 2007, making it the first jurisdiction in North America and one of the first in the world to do so, just behind the European Union. (BMO)

If we champion our record and remember that our future oil and gas success relies on continued climate innovation, we can make sure that our energy production is sought out by environmentally-minded consumers and investors -- opening up new global trading relationships for our exports.

The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line is the world’s largest capacity pipeline for carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, Canada is currently home to 15 per cent of the world’s major carbon capture facilities. (Reuters)

Ongoing commitments to build on our existing global leadership in this new carbon capture sector can continue to reduce emissions from our oil and gas production while bringing massive new investments in construction and communities to our country.

The case for choosing Canadian oil and gas has never been more clear. Global demand remains strong, and Canada is one of the few oil-producing nations where detailed disclosures are publicly available on climate and the environment. (BMO)

Canada's commitment to continual improvement is our strength. By working together and addressing the challenges we face, we will continue to prove the naysayers wrong. The future for our local oil and gas sector is bright — when we’re investing in technology to reduce our emissions, we can become the most preferred oil supplier in the world.

Canada is the only top oil reserve holder and major oil-producing country that has sent up a satellite to track and monitor methane emissions from oil production. (GoC)

Canada’s trading partners and investors are demanding lower emissions from the oil and gas they buy. Let’s show the world that we can deliver through responsible energy development and continued emissions reductions.