Stand Up for the East Coast!

Stand Up for the East Coast!

Today I am urging you to help with an important petition. One we will send to the Premiers and Ministers of Energy in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Here’s the statement I ask you to support:

“I urge the Premiers and Energy Ministers of both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to cancel the current bans on fracking in their jurisdictions, and allow our country to achieve its economic, environmental and social potential through the safe, sustainable development and transmission of our precious energy resources.”


In spite of the latest enlightening work from researcher Vivian Krause, work in which she exposed the strong American financial connection to a significant amount of Canada’s anti-resource activities, we have nevertheless seen US-funded professional activists and protesters continue their bullying tactics to block fossil fuel development in our country. Dogwood, Leadnow and Tides – along with their US friends - are heavily invested in the anti-oil & gas game here. It’s time to push back!

In the Maritimes, a potential economic lifeline has been cut, with both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia blocked from pursuing huge opportunities provided by future natural gas development.

Nova Scotia:

Estimates from Nova Scotia’s Energy Department released earlier this year found the province's onshore natural gas resources could be worth between $20 billion and $60 billion. Most of the resource is in the form of shale gas, which requires hydraulic fracturing in order to get it to market.

New Brunswick:

Natural gas development has come to a virtual standstill in New Brunswick since the Liberal government imposed a moratorium on fracking in December 2014. Meanwhile the province desperately searches for additional sources of employment and revenue to combat the provincial debt. Yet they continue to ignore a traditional source of growth that could significantly boost the New Brunswick economy.

Seen this movie before? Me too.

You do not need to go back very far in history to see how the fracking moratorium in the Maritimes are a re-run of an old movie.

For example, there was a pipeline proposal not long ago that was to deliver energy products from Western Canada, and North Western United States, to Eastern Canadian refineries and port terminals in New Brunswick and Quebec. 

It was called Energy East, and according to estimates, it would have generated $10 billion in tax revenues and royalties while raising the standard of living for all Canadians. These are resources would provide better healthcare, education, or allow tax cuts to be given to Canadian families.

Faced with a barrage of protest, the proponent finally cancelled the project in October, 2017.

Today, Kinder Morgan, the proponent of the Trans Mountain expansion that would increase the long-established line to BC tidewater, is similarly facing down unreasonable and unfair opposition. The project is currently under review as the company evaluates its next steps. But we can’t afford to allow this economic strangulation to happen over and over! Please sign our petition RIGHT NOW!

Please do it today:

One petition – two provincial fracking bans. It’s time to take a stand in favour of fair trade Canadian oil & gas, produced to the best environmental standards on earth and representing the largest single contributor to Canada's economy.

Please urge these two provincial premiers and their respective energy ministers to cancel the bans, and allow our country to achieve its economic, environmental and social potential!

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