Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps Takes a Tour of the Oilsands

Canada Action Lisa Helps Fort McMurray Oilsands TourVictoria Mayor Lisa Helps took a tour of steam-assisted gravity drainage facilities at Cenovus's Foster Creek operation near Cold Lake on Friday, April 26th, 2019.

It seems that the tour helped Helps gain a broader and more in-depth perspective on the oil sands, and how dedicated the industry is to protecting the environment and reducing its overall carbon footprint.

“I wasn’t going to have my mind changed or not, but I was going to certainly learn more about the industry and broaden my perspective,” says Helps.

“I think I saw the future of the oilsands. What I saw yesterday was a lot of innovation and I think if that continues that’s a good thing.

“They are making tremendous steps to make the industry more sustainable (like) using less fossil fuels to extract fossil fuels.”

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