Vivian Krause: The Cause of Oil Price Discounts

Vivian Krause: The Cause of Oil Price Discounts

We are Proud to Bring Vivian Krause to Alberta

Hear Vivian Krause present her research on the foreign funding against Canadian pipelines in Calgary, Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Edmonton.

If you care Canadian energy sector and its often unfair treatment at the hands of non-Canadian supported protest groups, then you probably know about Vancouver-based independent researcher and writer Vivian Krause.

Her carefully documented research on the funding network of foundations and their influence on Canadian anti-energy groups is becoming both widely known and highly valued by interested citizens of every stripe from coast to coast to coast.

Please attend our upcoming events next week. Here are the details:

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Fort McMurray November, 15 7:00 pm


Further Reading on the topics Vivian Covers here:

Corp Ethics "Tar Sands Campaign" Link:

"Tar Sands Campaign Strategy" PowerPoint:
Rockerfeller Brother "Tar Sands Campaign" Strategy Outline:

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