Tell BC Attorney General David Eby that when anti-TransMountain Expansion protesters are charged with breaking our laws, they must be held accountable, and should be prosecuted. Canadians demand it.

Tell Eby his twin roles as BC Minister of Justice and Attorney General are heavy responsibilities that require a strong commitment to due process and the rule of law.

Whether it’s dropping charges against a dozen Greenpeace activists who recklessly scaled the Lions Gate Bridge to unfurl an anti-pipeline banner, or dragging his feet on the prosecution of some 200 other arrestees for various infractions at the Trans Mountain protest camp in Burnaby, Attorney General Eby must increase his commitment to criminal justice and enforcing the laws of the land.


A majority of Canadians and almost all First Nations along the right of way are adamant the Trans Mountain expansion project from Edmonton to Burnaby must be completed. One of the most closely scrutinized infrastructure projects in Canada’s history, the proposed twinned pipeline was shown throughout its multi-year review to be not just safe, but beneficial for Canada from an economic, social and environmental standpoint.

But some 200 or more activists have been charged with violating a civil injunction at their Burnaby protest camp, actively ignoring not only the regulatory process, but the law. Other charges, such as those of the dozen Greenpeace activists, have been dropped, while many charges have quietly languished.

Some six months ago, a BC Supreme Court judge called on BC to press criminal – not just civil - charges against protesters arrested for violating an injunction at the Burnaby protest camp. Justice Kenneth Affleck correctly argued the case was not about Trans Mountain, but about demonstrators wilfully breaking the law.

Mr. Justice Affleck further argued that B.C. Attorney General David Eby’s office should advance these prosecutions. We agree.


Please sign this petition and tell BC Attorney General David Eby he owes it to Canadians to fulfill his obligations as overseer of the BC justice system. Tell the AG to uphold the law. When protestors are charged, they should be prosecuted.

In other words, tell David Eby to do his job!

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