6 Reasons Why You Should Support Canadian Beef

228,000 jobs are supported by the beef industry in Canada - Canadian beef industry facts

Most Canadians all know that heartwarming feeling of sitting down to a delectable steak dinner (unless you don’t eat beef, of course). So the next time you are about to enjoy a tender steak, you can do so knowing that your decision to buy Canadian beef supports a vital sector of our nation’s economy.

Even if you didn’t intentionally choose a Canadian beef product at the store, the odds are that is exactly what you purchased. That’s because our local grocers are packed full of Canadian grown, processed and packaged meat products.

Each year, Canada’s hard-working ranchers produce an incredible amount of beef. We produce 1.55 million tonnes of beef annually and consume about 1 million tonnes of it each year. That means we have a surplus that allows us to export billions of dollars worth of meat every year, and we are one of the top 10 beef exporting nations globally by volume.

There are several reasons why we think we should all be proud to support Canada’s beef industry. Also see:

#1 - Beef and cattle ranching is a big part of our economy

$22 billion - Canada's beef sector average economic contribution to the nation's economy 2018-2020

> Canada is home to over 11 million beef and dairy cows - that’s roughly one cow per every Canadian household.

> Each year Canadian beef production contributes an estimated $22 billion to Canada’s economy.

> The sector supports an estimated 228,000 Canadian jobs across the nation.

> There are farms and ranches producing beef in every single province.

#2 - Canadian cattle ranching is a family farming business

> Canadian cattle ranching is spread out over nearly 60,000 different farms and ranches.

> The average beef cow herd has 69 cows.

#3 - The Canadian beef industry is among the most environmentally responsible in the world.

> At 4 kg CO2 equivalent of live weight per unit of beef production, our producers have half the carbon footprint of the global average.

> 93 per cent of Canadian ranching is done on pasture and forage land, which has a minimal impact on the environment and can help store carbon.

#4 - Cattle in Canada are treated humanely and responsibly

> Canadian farmers and ranchers are legally required to treat their animals and livestock humanely.

> Cattle ranchers in Canada have a strong code of ethics they adhere to when it comes to treating their animals with care.

#5 - Canadian produced meat is prepared to a high health standard

> Our ranching is done in compliance with strict biosecurity standards to ensure the health of the animals, ranchers and consumers.

> Any hormones or growth encouragement dietary supplements used in Canadian beef are subject to extensive scientific studies and research and have been proven to be healthy.

#6 - Eating meat is part of a healthy diet

> Beef is an excellent source of protein and several other essential vitamins such as Zinc, and Vitamin B12.

> Despite what is commonly believed, the most recent studies have not found any correlation between eating red meat and any serious health risks such as cancer or heart disease.

> In fact, studies have found that people who eat more red meat in their diet typically have smaller waists, and lower body weights.

60,000 canadian farms and ranches have cattle - Canadian beef industry facts

And last but certainly not least, Canadian beef tastes great!

Choosing to purchase and eat Canadian beef is an excellent choice for our economy, our planet and your body. So next time you are in the meat aisle at the grocery store, we encourage you to buy a little extra and support the Canadian farmers who work hard to provide us with the food we need!

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