Write Your MP - Stand With Canada Action!

Let me be very clear about social media; we’re strongly committed to it as a way for Canada Action to speak to Canadian citizens like you and your colleagues, friends and family.

That’s why we’re so proud of our combined online community that’s grown to more than 335,000 subscribers and followers. Across all platforms, we continue to be the most read, the most followed and the most engaged grassroots campaign that advocates for Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Thanks to you, many other supportive campaigns have followed our lead – and we’re very happy about that. We’re also ecstatic to be reaching tens of millions of people every month – a number that’s only growing!

Today I want to encourage you to do two things:

First, I want to urge you to stay involved in our community, and even reach out to friends and family to encourage their participation as well. We’ve established such an important network together, and its value will grow as its membership grows.

Second, I’m very much hoping to inspire you to open up regular communications with your elected officials. But while our online community keeps up with its tweets, Facebook posts, online petitions and e-mails, I want to underline the importance of TALKING to your elected officials. That’s right – actually phoning them!

To put it very simply, there’s huge value in calling your MP and MLA regularly – even once a month! That way, government policy will begin to reflect the values and wishes of the broader population, not just special interests.

There are many ways to ensure the people who represent you in provincial and federal legislatures know your views. But if you can’t visit your legislator in person, then the VERY BEST way to communicate is to pick up the phone and call them – and to do so on a regular basis. Consider setting a calendar reminder to make sure you’re no longer part of the silent majority. Be heard!

Canada Action is a growing group of citizens. We think more people need to speak out — loudly and frequently – about the need for pipelines to export our product, and recognition of our strong environmental and social record. Fair-trade energy from Canada is the best choice for peace, progress and prosperity for all Canadians.

If you are in need your Member of Parliaments contact info, it can be found here.

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