Tell Premier Horgan to say YES to Trans Mountain

Tell Premier Horgan to say YES to Trans Mountain

Tell BC Premier John Horgan that if he really cares about high gasoline prices at the BC pump, then he must immediately stop obstructing the Trans Mountain Expansion project in order to allow greater transmission capacity from Alberta to BC.

Two years ago this month, Premier Horgan’s NDP came to power in B.C., supported by the . B.C. Greens and ready to block all Canadian pipeline construction.



Now, with BC gas prices more than 50 cents per litre higher than Calgary prices, Premier Horgan is demanding Alberta build more infrastructure to serve his province.

Meanwhile, Premier Horgan complains loudly about high gasoline prices - in fact, BC prices are among the highest in North America – and he blames refiners, and demands additional refining capacity specifically to serve his province.

Wait – there’s more. Premier Horgan claims Premier Jason Kenney’s initiative to “turn off the taps to BC” is unconstitutional, because it would block trans-provincial shipments. He’s going to court – again.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Premier Horgan has, for two years, been blocking the proposed twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, specifically in order to disrupt shipments of Canadian energy to tidewater and global markets resulting in negative impacts for all Canadians.

As veteran Calgary Herald journalist Don Braid has written: “(Premier Horgan’s) tactics — inventing new policies to inhibit bitumen flows through the province, threatening to restrict shipments by truck, rail or pipe — did their job admirably.”

Again, from Braid: “The fact is that gasoline goes through the existing Trans Mountain line to Vancouver. That line is jammed. The expansion will free space for more gasoline, alleviating shortage that keeps prices up.”

Premier Horgan’s actions have, in large part, caused these high prices at the BC pump - at the expense of B.C. residents, including Indigenous communities across the province. 

As said by Ernie Crey, chief of the Cheam First Nation: "We have a vigorous environmental movement in B.C. and they have learned that they can use aboriginal communities to advance their agenda".


Please sign this petition and tell BC Premier John Horgan that his continued obstruction of TMX must stop, for the good of indigenous and non-Indigenous communities across Canada, for the benefit of the Canadian economy, and for BC’s driving public – both commercial and non-commercial.

Tell Premier Horgan that his anti-pipeline bias is hurting all Canadians - British Columbians, Albertans and citizens of every province that relies on our energy, our transfer payments, our taxes and royalties and our environmental leadership.

Tell Premier Horgan it’s time to join forces with the rest of Canada and build TMX.

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