We Take Action for a Sustainable Future that Balances People, Planet and Prosperity

Canada Action is a grassroots organization that encourages Canadians to work together to take action in support of our vital natural resource sectors and the communities and families they support.

Founded in 2010, Canada Action combats misinformation about Canada’s natural resource industries and promotes pride in our nation's world leading performance on environmental, social and governance metrics. Over time, we’ve grown into a nationwide movement that’s become a leading voice whose efforts continue to be guided by our founding mission to provide positive, fact-based and non-partisan information for a balanced conversation about: 

As Canadians from a variety of backgrounds, we’re united by a simple idea -- that it’s critical we all educate ourselves about not just the social and economic benefits provided by our natural resource sector, but also its commitment to world-class environmental stewardship.

We’re strong supporters of Canadian energy and resources because we know just how important these industries are to Canada’s present and future prosperity.

Why Canadians Should Care About Natural Resources 

Canada is the envy of the world. Our landmass is enormous. We’re viewed as smart, engaging, polite, hard working, and genuine. Canada’s a beautiful, vast country blessed with abundant and diverse natural resources that are as essential to Canadians, Canadian communities and Canadian prosperity as they are to our customers around the world. It’s a uniquely powerful combination of traits.

Whether we’re harvesting trees to make houses, harnessing waterways to generate electricity, working the soil to produce food, extracting oil for manufactured goods, or mining metals for renewable tech, Canadians use our vast resources to improve lives here and abroad.

Canada Action is a place where Canadians who care about our country come to discuss the important role responsible natural resources development plays in supporting Canada’s economy, environment,  and communities. 

How We Take Action for a Better Future

  • Through rallies, events, print, broadcast, social media, and the countless programs we’ve initiated like our Students for Canada program, we encourage Canadians to take constructive action. Our goal is that all Canadians work together through fact-based, non-partisan, and positive discussions aimed at finding common ground and innovative solutions to the polarization that can so often hamper progress.
  • We’re committed to engaging Canadians in an informed conversation about resource development, how important responsible development is to our society, and how we can both do well today and improve our practices for the future. 
  • We believe that by educating Canadians on the importance of our country’s resource sector and its responsible stewardship, Canadians will be more inclined to act on that information and stand up to speak out for a prosperous, sustainable future that supports both urban economics and Indigenous / non-Indigenous rural communities across the country.



Canada Action is an independent, grassroots, non-partisan organization. We do not participate in any activities that go beyond the simple scope of directly advocating for the responsible development of Canada’s various natural resource industries, and the families and communities they support.


Canada Action is committed to presenting factual and accurate information. We go to every lengths to ensure the material across our organization is reflective of the best information from the most credible sources. Throughout our various blog posts, infographics and social media posts, you will find sources we’ve used in preparing our content.


Canadians are proud of our diverse cultures and our wide-ranging that reflects people of all backgrounds and walks of life. At Canada Action, we are fully committed to a culturally and socially diverse Canada, and to ensuring that our entire organization reflects those values and beliefs in all our activities.


Our organization only engages in respectful dialogue. While we may disagree with other public or private entities on matters of public discourse, we will do so in a civil manner. Meaningful, thought-provoking conversations will be conducted to a high standard of courtesy and professionalism.


The importance of Canada’s natural resource sector cannot be overstated. Collectively, our resource sectors are the bedrock of our nation’s entire economy and our day-to-day lives. This good news story deserves both attention and praise. We believe the world needs more Canadian resources, and we are committed to focusing on a brighter future for all.